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CHAMP SQUARE has been created with the vision to provide an ideal launch pad to serious JEE aspirant..

No matter what you dream of accomplishing in life, IIT-JEE is the tenacious possible foundation for success. The more complex the issue or significant the risk, the more you need the support of trusted teachers/guides. CHAMP SQUARE has been founded to facilitate IIT-JEE aspirants with the highest level of expertise to achieve success in IIT-JEE, one of the most prestigious competitions in the country. Today's rapidly changing pattern of IIT-JEE makes complete training more essential than ever before. CHAMP SQUARE can help you make sense of the IIT-JEE world - and help you lay the strongest possible foundation for a successful career. Here, you'll receive specialized IIT-JEE hands-on preparation and you will march towards the ultimate target.

The complete system of training in CHAMP SQUARE is based on real requirements of a student to crack IIT-JEE. When it's a competition between 15 lacs students then you as a serious aspirant definitely need the support of the perfect level. CHAMP SQUARE has superior strengths in all areas of academics for IIT-JEE, yet the most important is the philosophy of “CHAMP SQUARE”, i.e. “participative learning”. At the same time the teaching at CHAMP SQUARE does not offer student just one-sided lectures or routine notes but a very encouraging environment to practice more, more and more. To achieve this we provide not only the best training for IIT-JEE but also a special attention to every individual student. We have designed and developed our programs to create a comfortable and stimulating learning atmosphere combined it with the latest teaching techniques to deliver results. CHAMP SQUARE is possibly the best choice for promising students having the desire and determination to achieve SUCCESS in IIT-JEE.

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  • Best Infrastructure

    Best Infrastructure

    We believe that one of the most important requirements for studies is the environment.

  • Matt Macfarlane

    Mohit Kumar Gupta

    AIR-150 JEE Advanced,2017

  • John Doe


    We believe in new concepts, ideas & creativity to give the best services to coaching industry.

  • John Adams

    Our Classroom

    We are committed to provide stress free, noise free and serene environment to our students.

  • Jane Doe

    Interior Infrastructure

    CHAMP SQUARE classrooms are designed to provide cool and calm atmosphere for effective study.

  • Diedre Downing


    AIR-120 JEE Advanced,2017

  • Dave Young


    To achieve extraordinary results even from average students.

  • Bonnie Odd


    Revolutionize the technique of preparation of IITJEE and help students to attain the best Rank in IITJEE and other engineering exams.

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- Henry Ford

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Let your Success be your noise"

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